• Fitness Photo Shoot in North Hollywood
    By Antonio Carrasco
  • Yoga model stretches in photo shoot for StrongBoard Balance fitness equipment
    By Antonio Carrasco
  • Color photo of athlete preparing to run. Photographed in Studio in Los Angeles
    By Antonio Carrasco
Photo of gymnast with muscular build



Whether you are a professional bodybuilder that competes, a personal trainer or fitness model, your image is defined by how much work you put into working out, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. When you hire a professional photographer it's important they are as dedicated to their craft as you are to your strength and conditioning. You want a photographer that can light and photograph an exceptional image while at the same time challenging you to bring out your inner warrior.


Success only comes through hard work and perseverance. I have been a working photographer for 10 years, continuously pushing myself to perfect my lighting skills while developing a vision and style that is completely my own. The result is a mastery of form and contrast that is perfect for capturing the human physique. With a background of celebrity and fashion photography, I am now focusing my lens on fitness models, bodybuilders, personal trainers, athletes and anyone else that loves the idea of pushing their body to the limits.


Although I have done hundreds of photo shoots, I'm always ready and willing to explore new ways to refine my camera and lighting technique. Just like working out, photography becomes easier and more natural as you put in more reps. Every body is different and through precise lighting and camera angles, I am able to capture the human form like no other photographer.

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